My Workspace

Cornfield 5 work in progress
Cornfield in progress

Welcome to my workspace. Tucked into a room under a slate and beamed ceiling with a view onto the mountainside, I sit at my desk. This is where everything starts out as an idea sketched onto a bit of paper.  Pencils, brushes, paints, paper, and canvases are all here – on shelves, in drawers, in boxes, and on top of cupboards. Sitting at my desk I contend ownership of my chair with Tara the cat, who is certain it is her exclusive sleeping place.

My Husband Ian calls this room ‘the creative space’ and this is where I paint. More accurately, this is where I start to paint, then spread through the house; a layer of varnish drying in the guest room, an easel in the hallway, another painting or two propped up against a wall, washed paint brushes drying outside, a palate on the stairs waiting to be moved. I tell Ian the spreading out is part of the creative process!

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