My Inspirations


I love colour and pattern!  My inspiration comes from observing what is around me, God’s amazing creation.

The shape of mountains, clouds in the skies, shadows cast by trees, detail of flowers, strata in rocks, gnarled wood, grasses blowing in the wind, a complex seed heads, the promise of  spring shoots, water running over pebbles, muti-coloured fields; all this I find endlessly fascinating.

My favourite colour is blue, blue and more blue!  It’s my happy colour; blue makes me smile.   Once a Persian friend said goodbye and sent me on my journey with the words ” Wishing you endless blue skies”.  What a blessing!

Some of my art is inspired directly by what I see, snap on my phone and then later sketch and paint.  Other paintings are more prophetic, based on a feeling or impression,  and then given form with colour and shape on canvas.

Visit the Gallery page to see more. Enjoy!




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