Fridge Door

We all, or nearly all, put things on our fridge door, if we have one. Things to inspire  – photos, snippets of wisdom, funny pictures, and  the occasional to do list.


your space amazing
Find you space

This is a challenge I came across during week and put on the fridge.   It’s easy to think and dream that one day, when things are different, when we are older, wiser, more settled, or less settled, sitting on a beach, retired, or working,  we will find our ‘own space’ but how about in the reality of here and now?

What am I putting off until ‘one day’  which I could actually do today?  How do I fulfil my dreams now?   Well, one step at a time.   Or, as my astute S African friend says, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

So be encouraged, and take a tiny little fairy step (or a giant stride if you prefer) in the direction you want to go. Let’s do AMAZING, starting now.   Bless you, and have a great week!                                                                                                               16.06.2017



Time to travel

As the weather warms up travel is on my mind, and my fridge door. Places where friends live, places I’ve been and countries I dream of visiting.

I love to go to places, warm places; independent travel, with good company and a spirit of adventure. One of my favourite places is North Africa, only a short boat ride from my base in Spain. It’s a place of high contrast,  bustle, colours, spices, traders, craftsmen, battering, mountains, dunes, ancient cities, sea ports.    This country challenges my thinking, and inspires some of my blue paintings.   Later this year I go to Asia for the first time!

There is always something new to see and experience, to broaden your thinking,  stretch your perceptions, challenge your perceived limits and parameters. If my journey doesn’t change me, make me a more caring and compassionate human I’ve not really travelled anywhere, I simply “done a trip”.                            28.04.2016



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