New art web site launch – irenegrace com

I am celebrating as my own art is website is now live! Since primary school I’ve dreamed of selling my paintings, and now this dream has come true.

Last year a friend visited my house, saw a painting on the wall and asked would I paint a smaller version for her home?  She had seen the subject, a boat, in a dream and then saw it for real on my wall.  The phrase prophetic art comes to mind.   My first sale as an artist.  More sales and commissions have followed, and now is the time to put irenegrace art to a wider audience.


The blog has moved …..

Yes, with the exception of one blog post, all the others have moved; packed their bags and gone to ……….


Now you can follow my blog at The Design Cortijo

You will find snippets and pics about my life – cakes, cooking,  travel, nature, home, projects, cat, weather, rural living, painting and more. Usually written on a Friday, but not always!

Insights and inspiration ….. I hope you enjoy!

Only 1323 days since the last blog 

…….. As you can see some time has passed since I last blogged.  I’ve moved ‘house’ three times, countries twice, cast off some possessions, changed cars five times, gained a few wrinkles, kept Husband and cat.

On the ‘house’ front we moved from the original Design Hut (down a track, shed in a field), to a converted warehouse (no, not a loft space apartment, more a semi converted single span clad warehouse type thing), to a bijou pad (converted garage, beautiful little nest for two) and now to a real house (own front door, more than two rooms, staircase etc). Where is this miracle abode? Down a track again, of course.


So here’s my new view.

I’ve new inspirations, new ideas and new projects underway. Creativity is all around us so let’s open our eyes and truly see.

There’s a new post coming, with more photos, so check back soon or follow, and have a great weekend!